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On Valentine’s Day 2019, The Kid Mero and Desus Nice, the two Bodega Boys who have the number one show in late night (Desus and Mero) and the most illustrious podcast (The Bodega Boys), harnessed the power of the holidays to create brand new merch for their hordes of fans, informally known as the #bodegahive.

As you might know, Desus' alias is the "Problematic Bae". What better way to claim that attractive moniker for yourself on Valentine's Day? 


On the site, the following text was listed: 

"The T-shirt is being produced through a 3rd party and will take 3-7days (sic) to ship out. Please note the shirt is 100% cotton and printed on a men's t-shirt body. The shirt's are unisex so ladies order one size down."

The Problematic Bae T-shirt was sold for $33 and quickly sold out. The Bodega Boys quickly found knock-offs on sites like Amazon and e-bay, or found that their original product was upsold for 10 times the price, much to the #bodegahive's dismay.

This isn't the first time that the Bodega Boys have leveraged their brand to create merchandise. Last year marked the end of their partnership with Urban Outfitters. They now work through a third-party provider to produce and deliver their merchandise. We can probably look forward to more tongue-in-cheek humor as the brand grows.

If you're curious about ways that Soundsquad allows for podcasters to create mens and womens pricing for no extra cost to you and allow you to control the entire creative process, take a look at some of our success stories on the site. We've got plenty. 

In the meanwhile, get started designing your own shirt in time for Valentine's 2020!

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Julia G

Written by Julia G