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2018 was a great year for Soundsquad. We honed in on our mission, created even more options on our most affordable product suites, and were able to support up-and-coming podcasts reach new heights. 

By April 2018, we realized that we needed to change and accommodate the success of many of our podcasting partners, who were quickly outgrowing the baseline platform. We want to keep supporting podcasts as they grow, and we certainly don't want them to outgrow SoundSquad. As such, we did a mass survey of some of our most active users on the platform and implemented some pretty astounding changes that we're really proud of: 
  • Users in our premium platform will now get 6 free samples of their T-shirts before we start producing them, so they can get a good idea of the touch and feel of our product.
  • We don't charge separately for mens and womens sizing, which marked a real big change in how we produce, but is worth it to create more inclusive sizing for your listeners. 
  • We added a collegiate platform for our growing population of student podcasters. This version of the platform is cheaper, and has unique fields to make sure we get as much data as possible to provide to student podcasters (i.e., if clients participate in the Greek system, how often and how they listen, etc.) 

By August 2018, we were growing. Quickly. And, we realized that we needed to accommodate the growing support tickets we were getting via e-mail. 

  • We added a chat functionality to all of our pages to facilitate customer success and shipping queries.
  • Did I mentioned we were growing quickly? We added 3 new sales reps (for a company of 15, that's a lot!), who all have their own successful podcasts on the side! 

By December 2018, we were prepping for the new year and thinking of ways to support artists in 2019. Here are some of our goals: 

  • Did I mention we're growing quickly? Yes, I did! We're looking to fill 4 new positions in our Boston office. A love of podcasting is required. Take a look at our jobs page and shoot us an e-mail if you're interested. 
  • We're doing some redesigns of some of our pages and getting input from our most loyal clients. We're trying to make the website even better for the podcasters we serve. Stay tuned... 

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Julia G

Written by Julia G