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Everybody knows that starting a podcast can be very difficult. One of the ways you can set your podcast apart from the crowd, right when you're getting started.

1) Consistency is key

All podcast veterans will tell you that before launching you podcast, so much time is dedicated to planning out episodes.

You want to have a clear road map of the story arc of your podcast and outline what your viewers can expect. Consider if your show will have segments, and if so, how long they will be . Will you show require investigative work that will make your publishing schedule inconsistent? What will you do then? Will you require interviews, and if so, how will that effect your publishing schedule?

Consistency in publishing not only allows you to wrap your head around the direction your show will take, but will allow your listeners to follow along as well. 

2) Create a compelling logo and description 

Maybe the This American Lifes or Radiolabs out there can release episodes with limited details or themes. If you're just starting out, don't take that risk. 

Creating a compelling description, along with a remarkable logo, will put your content front and center. If you've developed a strong social media presence, you want your podcast to announce that you are front and center. Your logo might feature your face and/or your brand. 

3) Invest in equipment

A simple microphone can make all of the difference in the sound and quality of your podcast and make you seem like you're uploading your content from a developed studio (rather than your bedroom), all for a small investment of only around $100. 

As you can see, you need your ducks in a row before starting out a successful podcast. Click below to get access to our free checklist for beginning podcasters. 



Julia G

Written by Julia G